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4(j                                     FLORA INDICA.                   [Jfattunculacea.
viewing Aquttegia as a very large genus, containing upwards of thirty well-marked
species, we trust that they will not be rejected without due consideration, and a
careful' study of large series of specimens, both dried and in a botanical garden.
Many botauists to whom we have shown the "extensive series of specimens in thft
Ilooicerian Herbarium, have been surprised at the amount of variation exhibited, and
at the intricate interlacing, so to speak, of the different characters by which their
separation into well characterized species is rendered impossible. \Ve have devoted
weeks to the" study of these plants, in the hope of arriving at some definite results,
and we 8hall be only too happy to have characters pointed out to us on which con-
fidence may be placed. Those at present given in books Jail completely in practice.
1. A. vulgaris (L. Sp. 752); foliis bifcernatim secfcis, lo^is varie
incisis, sessilibus vel petiolatiSj sepalis genitalia superantibus, pctalorum
calcaribus sensim attenuatis.
a. normalis; subglabra vel pubescens, sepalis ovatis obtusiusculis,
calcaribus petalorum laminas subsequantibus vaiidis.x\. vulgaris, DC.
Sy*t. i. 334, Prod. i. 50 j Ledeb. M. Ross. i. 55; Reich: Ic. Germ. t.
114. A. atrata, Koch, Fl. Germ,. A. Sternbergii, Rtich. Ic. M. Germ.
rf. 118. A. Pyrenaica, Reich. Ic. Germ. rf. 117 (non aliorum).
/3* viscosa ; glandulosa, pubescens, floribus ut in a.A. viscosa,
Gouan; DC. Si/st. i, 335, Prod. i. 50.
y, pubiflora; molliter pubescens, -scpalis ovato-lanceolatis ssepc atte-
nuatis, calcaribus abbreviatis iucurvis.A. pubiliora, Jfrall. Cat. 4714 !;
Royle! III. 54. A, nigricans, Reich. Ic. Genii.  115, A. viscosa, Rvich*
i&. t. 116.
$. yrandiftora ; pubescens vel glaudulosa, sepalis ovaiibus acutius-
culis vel obtusis, calearibus crassis rcctis vel iucurvis, ibliis plerumque
profunde incisis.A. alpina, L. Sp. 752; 7)0. SyaL i, 330, Prod. i. 50;
Deles*. Ic. seL i. t. 48. A. glanduloaa, lixch.; DC. Prod. i. 50; Sweet,
FL Gard. i. t. 55  Ledeb. Fl. Ross. i. 56. A. jucuiida, F. et M. Lid.
Hort. Pet.; Ledeb. II. tioss. i. 736.
. Pyrenaica; molliter pubescens vel glaudulosa, sepalis ovatis acu-
tis, ciilcaribus elongatis gracilibus rectis vel iacurvis.A. Pyrenaicu,
DO. Sy&t \. 337, Prod. i. 50. A. leptoceras, LindL Bot. &eg. 1847,
rf. 64. A. Kanawerensis, Caml. in Jac^. Voy. BoL t. 5; Hook. Rot.
Mag. 4693. A. gkudulosa, Knowles et-Wt>st.cott> Bot. Cab. i. t. 10.
A. glauca, LindL BoL Reg. xiii. I, 46. A. fragraus, J&tmtli. in tie
Botanist, iv. 1.181. A. Moorcroftiana, WalL Cat. 4713 !; JRoyfo/Ill. 54.
A. Olympica, omier! Ann. Sc. Nat. xvi. 360.
HAB. Ja Himalaya occideutali temperata et alpina. a. In jugis iu-
terioribus! . In Himalaya Tibetica! y. Iu jugis exterioribus vul-
garis, a Kuraapn! ad Kashmir!; in interioribus iu a. transiens. d. Iu
montibus Balti, JPinterbottom ! Kumaon, WM.! . in Himalaya al-
pibus et per Tibetiam occidentalem inter 10-14,000 ped. alt. vulgaris!
DISTBIB. Europa et Asia temp,
It most not be supposed that the varieties indicated above are in any way con-
stant. On the contrary, it will be found that they pass into one another in every
possible way, and the botanist mast expect to find many specimens which he will
nave great difficulty ill referring to any of the forms characterized.